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HDR central to latest Philips TV range

February 22, 2016

TP Vision – which is licensed to manufacture Philips-branded TV sets in a number of territories – will continue to exhibit its long term policy of moving the company’s current top PQ processing technology from hi-end sets into the following year’s mid-range models with the introduction of the first-half 2016 product range.

HDR performance will be a central element of the 2016 Philips range with all sets from the 6000 series upwards offering HDR + compatibility and being able of accepting HDR content via HDMI 2.0a, USB or via streaming services and fully processing and displaying the content.

All HDR compatibility will be part of a firmware update to be available shortly after the new range products are launched into the market starting in the 2nd quarter 2016.

With genuine HDR content likely to be in short supply in the early days of the format, Philips has added an HDR Upscaling feature to boost the dynamic range of any content. Available across the entire HDR product Range, HDR Upscaling has been designed to work with the Micro Dimming Pro and Bright Pro backlight systems.

Micro Dimming Pro uses a special software controller to analyse the picture in 6400 different zones, adjusting each zone independently to display the deepest blacks and brightest whites. Bright Pro makes use of the higher 700 Nit output of the panel and boosts local peak light levels within an image creating superior contrast and more vivid colours.

In addition to HDR performance, all sets from the 6500 range upwards will feature native 100Hz 4K UHD panels to reproduce razor sharp images with exceptionally smooth and fluid motion.

The top model in the first-half 2016 range announcement will be the new 65” 7601 set which features a direct dimmable backlight and the Micro Dimming Premium system, both found in a 7000 series product for the first time. The Micro Dimming Premium system features a backlight with 128 independently dimmable segments, resulting in a different optimised backlight level per segment allowing the deepest blacks to be displayed with the brightest whites.

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