Advanced Television

Itochu partnership with Yospace

February 24, 2016

Japanese OTT streaming system provider Itochu Cable Systems Corporation (ICS) has announced a partnership with dynamic advertisement replacement specialist Yospace.

ICS works with live OTT encoders/transcoders that output over 200 channels for major Japanese MVPDs, broadcasters and OTT service providers across platforms/devices such as web, tablets and mobile phones. The partnership allows advertisements in live channels integrated by ICS to be replaced when viewed on an OTT device. Replacement adverts offer benefits like the ability to tailor content to the individual, creating an experience that is relevant to each viewer.

“Yospace leads the way in frame-accurate DAI for live and VOD streaming and this partnership is great news for our customers,” said Kenji Tsuchiya, President and CEO, at ITOCHU Cable Systems Corporation. “As the leading provider of OTT streaming services in Japan, it is critical that ICS enables broadcasters to maximise digital revenues. With Yospace as a partner we are able to do just that.”

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