Advanced Television

Marketers leveraging TV schedules to plan digital buys

February 24, 2016

Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, has released findings that show marketers are leveraging their TV advertising plans to inform their digital video ad buys. According to an analysis of all impressions run through Videology’s platform in the fourth quarter, the number of US video campaigns using TV audience data to target with digital video increased 114 per cent year-over-year. The number one TV segment used in these campaigns was advertisers’ current TV advertising schedules. Combining TV data from sources like Nielsen with behavioural data, advertisers are amplifying their TV spend to reach consumers digitally across all devices.

“As the siloes between TV and video continue to break down, advertisers are utilizing the unique attributes of each to bring additional value to the mix.  A big part of this is the use of data to provide deeper insights into consumer targeting and consumption, which we saw in this analysis,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology. “The big win in this area is to connect these insights across both TV and video, and that’s exactly what we can achieve through our direct integration with Nielsen. The ability to provide bi-lateral insights across digital and TV is changing the game for advertisers and driving exceptional efficiencies.  This is one trend that we can expect to grow big time.”

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