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Norkring transmission offer for Finland’s YLE

February 26, 2016

Norway’s largest terrestrial television and radio broadcasting services provider Norking has submitted an offer for YLE concerning the transmission of TV services in Finland.

The government granted Norkring in November 2015 three nationwide antenna television network licenses. The licences are valid for ten years and enable Norkring to operate TV services in UHF band B, C and D multiplexes. The granted permits allow Norkring to be able to provide the Finnish television companies distribution services.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to provide broadcasting transmission services in Finland. The offer given to YLE is an important milestone in launching operations. We are in the final stages of preparation to start broadcasting services in Finland during the year 2016”, said Christian Skottun, Country Manager, Finland, Norkring.

Norkring is currently preparing the launch of broadcasting services in Finland. Norkring plans to build its operations on existing infrastructure. The possible shift to transmissions vie Norkring’s network will not cause any changes to consumers’ antenna systems.

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