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Baran Telecom, Perception bring IPTV to Iran

March 4, 2016

PerceptionTV has announced that its Perception platform has been chosen by Baran Telecom as the preferred platform for a new IPTV service in Iran. The Perception platform delivers multiscreen TV entertainment combining live TV, catch up services, VoD and a cloud-based personal video recorder, through one programme guide.

Baran Telecom announced the launch of the AIO trial service in February, hoping to secure 500,000 viewers during the current Iranian year, with a forecast of three million viewers over the longer term.  Baran Telecom is one of five licence holders issued by the government, and AIO is one of the first IPTV platforms to be launched in Iran. The deregulation of TV has allowed Perception to enter a rapidly developing market that is eager to roll out additional services on the platform such as educational courses, TV banking and online gaming in years to come.

John Mills, CEO of PerceptionTV Ltd comments: “With 74 million citizens and a developing hunger for technology and television, Iran is a critical new market for the Perception platform.  The deal with Baran Telecom demonstrates how the Perception platform can be deployed quickly and simply to enable new television services to any connected device. We are committed to leading the way in opening up new IPTV markets across the globe”

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