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‘Buffer rage’ in 10 seconds

March 17, 2016

IneoQuest Technologies call it “buffer rage” and found that more than half of consumers who watch online video have “experienced rage as a result of their video buffering,” and will switch away in as little as 10 seconds.

“This data shows that OTT service providers need to do more to ensure the delivery of a more reliable, consistent, enjoyable viewing experience to consumers in order to prevent a rampant Buffer Rage epidemic,” said Kurt Michel, senior marketing director at IneoQuest.

Two-thirds of digital content consumers in IneoQuest’s research admitted to simple frustration with video buffering, while 21 per cent said they were “severely” irritated when a video didn’t load quickly. 27 per cent of survey respondents said buffering hurts the online video experience before a video even starts, and 34 per cent reported buffering interruptions within 15 seconds of starting a video.

“This is particularly relevant when, as the study indicated, more than 40 per cent of consumers will only wait 10 seconds or less before clicking out of a buffering video, and of these, nearly 40 per cent will never attempt to re-watch the video,” the study reads.

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