Advanced Television

Tru Optik, Experian partner for OTT measurement

March 29, 2016

Tru Optik, the audience measurement and data management platform built for OTT and Connected TV, has partnered with Experian Marketing Services, a specialist in data-driven marketing and cloud-based marketing technology, to offer a service providing real-time census-level viewer data for OTT TV programmes and ad exposure across all screens. Tru Optik clients will be able to measure and segment content and ad exposure based on lifestyle, demographic and purchase behaviour powered by Experian’s ConsumerView marketing database.

Tru Optik CEO, Andre Swanston, commented: “If you can’t fully measure it, you can’t fully monetise it. Tru Optik’s technology and first-party data combined with Experian’s data will enable media companies and advertisers to understand and value audiences for OTT content. In other words, it will provide the currency that is necessary to truly open not only the OTT ad market, but also provide better insight as to the value of product placement and licensing of content to subscription video services like Netflix and Amazon.”

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