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Pakistan: Geo TV to lose transmission?

April 1, 2016

By Chris Forrester

According to BBC Monitoring, Pakistan government officials have told Geo TV that its transmissions will be taken down across the country. Geo TV has frequently run into problems with Pakistan’s government.

The report says that Geo TV has just transferred its satellite distribution signal to Paksat which operates from 38 degrees East with both Ku and C-band transponders. Its teleport is based in the UAE.  Paksat is a subsidiary of Pakistan’s Space & Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO).

The BBC report states: “Geo TV shifted all its channels to Paksat early on 31 March morning. Geo TV Network issued advertisements in newspapers in the last few days for the information of cable operators so that they tune the Paksat satellite to receive Geo TV channels. Since the last four days, Geo TV ran tickers on all its channels about the new frequencies and satellite parameters which Paksat issued to it on 25 March for the benefit of cable operators.”

Paksat was originally something of a ‘second-hand’ satellite. Originally launched as Palapa C1, and built by Boeing and launched back in 1996. It was backed up by Paksat-1R launched in 2011.

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