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Net Insight launches live OTT solution

April 7, 2016

Net Insight, aprovider of live, interactive and on-demand media transport, has officially launch of Sye, what it claims is the world’s only true live OTT streaming solution. Sye allows live content to be streamed with frame-accurate synchronisation across any type of screen, including linear broadcast TV, with no delay.

“Sye completely revolutionises the way live OTT content is experienced, and will disrupt and change industry dynamics in a significant way,” said Per Lindgren, senior vice president Live OTT  at Net Insight. “It harmonizes live TV to all screens, which for the first time enables real time interactivity and audience engagement, providing new experiences that consumers want to be a part of and are willing to pay for. It also puts service providers back into the OTT value chain with new unique opportunities to generate revenue.”

Sye has already been successfully road tested by Net Insight customer TATA Communications. The proof of concept test included a transcontinental OTT feed from a motor racing event in Singapore, delivered it to the UK with no delay between the live linear broadcast of the race and live stream viewed through an app.

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