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Reality TV favourites for Virgin Media

April 7, 2016

Virgin Media has teamed up with NBCUniversal International to bring its customers reality TV favourites through hayu, the new on-demand app, available immediately.

The first of its kind, hayu – an all-reality service fully integrated with social media – launched as an online app in the UK in March, allowing reality TV fans to keep up with Kardashians and stay plugged into the dramas of The Real Housewives. Now – for the first time – hayu is coming directly to pay-TV subscribers thanks to Virgin Media.

Virgin Media TV customers can get their reality TV fix with thousands of episodes of reality TV at their fingertips. Fans can binge on box-sets from the beginning and will never get left behind since most shows will be added to hayu on the same day as they premiere in the US.

Hayu boasts 3,000 episodes available at launch and an additional 500+ new episodes added every year – and even includes more than 50 reality series that have never been seen before in the UK.

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