Advanced Television

MediaSilo product for instant visual watermarking

April 8, 2016

Secure video sharing platform MediaSilo has unveiled SafeStream, an on-demand watermarking solution that embeds user-identifiable information as a visual watermark into video files in real-time. Amidst explosive original content growth in the media and entertainment industry, there’s an increasing need for creators to protect content in all stages of the production process, from pre-release to distribution. To prevent leaks, content creators have been forced to choose between locking down content or facing potential revenue loss from unauthorised distribution. According to MediaSilo, SafeStream redefines that trade-off.

“By adding user-specific information into a stream, you introduce accountability into the supply chain. Whether cuts are sent for legal review, for dubbing, or executive viewing, each copy is unique and can be traced back to a specific user. This keeps honest people honest and prevents unauthorised sharing of content,” says Kai Pradel, CEO and founder of MediaSilo.

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