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Video Clarity monitor & measurement device for 4K

April 8, 2016

Video Clarity, provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, has announced the release of RTM 4K, a 4K-capable version of the company’s RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solutions. RTM 4K claims to be the first quality-monitoring solution that can apply 4K video sources and compare them with encoded/decoded 4K video to test for video quality, audio quality, lip sync, and loudness. It is also the first to perform those tests using full-reference methods and correlates results to accepted scales of human perception.

“4K, real-time, full-reference, perceptual-quality functionality has never been done before. Now manufacturers and entertainment networks with new 4K delivery functions can set up real-time monitoring with the unique functionality of automatic, time-based quality measurements that are highly correlated and meaningful to the audience’s quality of experience,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. “Understanding the quality of experience is crucial as companies deploy their UHD services. RTM 4K lets them run a full performance evaluation on the delivery chain automatically, which saves them time and money when evaluating their UHD deployments.”

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