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CNBC relaunches ad firm

April 13, 2016

CNBC has unveiled its full-service, in-house commercial agency CNBC Catalyst in a full re-launch of its international ad sales team and content studio. The move is designed to firmly reassert the network’s commercial position in the global advertising marketplace.

Catalyst is positioned as the ‘rights-holder to the world’s most powerful audience’. With an expanded product suite and expertise, the team will work with clients to “fully exploit CNBC’s unrivalled access to the global business and investor community”.

The Catalyst concept has evolved under the leadership of Max Raven, who joined CNBC as Senior Vice President in summer 2015. Building on a strong track record, the agency has in the past 12 months added over a dozen consultative sales executives, expert brand strategists and a range of new products in areas such as digital.

The agency will offer a menu of services articulated through the shorthand ABCDE – Audience, Brand Consultancy, Content, Data and Events & Experiences.

Raven explained:  “Advertising platforms have multiplied to the extent that you can talk to an audience in a thousand different ways. But engaging that audience – creating a two way dialogue that moves the needle – is a much more specialist art. Catalyst will help clients practice that art, so they spark the desired reaction with our affluent business and investor audience.’

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