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IABM launches endorsement scheme

April 18, 2016

IABM has launched an industry-wide endorsement scheme for Industry Collaborative Groups (ICGs) within broadcast and media technology. The ICG Endorsement Scheme is a major IABM initiative and is designed to encourage collaboration across a wide range of industry issues and opportunities, from education and best practice to standardisation and interoperability. IABM’s vision is for a universally recognised framework where endorsed collaborative groups will be supported, promoted and encouraged to fulfil their potential and move forward in an open, constructive environment to the benefit of the wider industry.

“We have launched the ICG Endorsement Scheme in response to the many challenges our industry currently faces,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “Whether it’s SDI to IP, HD to UHD, HDR or WCG, traditional or new age delivery, there is a plethora of issues around standardization, best practice and interoperability that need to be solved.

“Collaborative groups can be an excellent way of moving things forward quickly and efficiently. However, if they are not properly constituted, these groups can sometimes lead us down blind alleys or serve the commercial interests of just a few. Our ICG Endorsement Scheme has been carefully formulated to avoid these pitfalls, and we envision that endorsed collaborative groups will have the authority and momentum to solve problems and lead the industry forward by supporting and promoting industry standardisation while avoiding proprietary dead-ends,” White concluded.

To gain endorsement under the ICG Endorsement Scheme, applicants must meet a number of key criteria, all of which will ensure that endorsed organisations conduct their business in an open, sustainable and professional manner that is beneficial both to members of the groups and the wider industry.

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