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Primesight boosts Industry Trust anti-piracy campaign

April 18, 2016

By Colin Mann

Outdoor advertising firm Primesight is partnering with pro-copyright education body the Industry Trust for IP Awareness to amplify the Trust’s ‘Moment’s Worth Paying For’ campaign, which promotes the value of creativity and seeks to inspire and educate consumers to choose legal routes to film and TV content and help reduce piracy. Primesight will leverage its portfolio of digital 6-sheet screens situated in cinema foyers across the country.

Primesight screens will enable the Industry Trust further to engage with target audiences of film fans and young people visiting cinemas, reinforcing messages from the Moments campaign that will also appear on cinema screen ad reels courtesy of DCM and Pearl & Dean.

Primesight joins a network of supporters from across the film and TV ecosystem that champions the ethos of the Moments campaign and advocates directing consumers to, the industry funded site where film fans can book cinema tickets and watch, buy, or rent films and TV shows from the UK’s extensive range of legal sources. The campaign supporter network includes film studios that produce bespoke Moments Worth Paying For trailers that dovetail with the promotion of new release film titles. Supported by the cinema industry, trailers are screened across the UK and Ireland throughout the year.

“As a firm partner of the film and TV industry, Primesight is pleased to be supporting the efforts of the Industry Trust to both celebrate the creative value of content and reduce piracy,” said Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight. “Our digital 6-sheet screens will ensure Moments Worth Paying For reaches the right audiences when entering and leaving cinemas, to further amplify this important message.”

Liz Bales, Chief Executive of the Industry Trust, said that thanks to collaborations such as the Primesight partnership, the Trust was able collectively to leverage strength from across the industry and bring crucial messages to more consumers, through more channels, with greater frequency. “These collaborations are vital to the longevity of the campaign and the ongoing task of reducing copyright infringement through consistent education, inspiring audiences to value creativity,” she declared.

Independent research by ICM revealed that 40 per cent of 11-15-year-olds and 49 per cent of 16-34 males who infringe recognise Moments Worth Paying For, and those who are exposed to the campaign are significantly more likely to pay for the official film and TV programme.

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