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Panasonic and Canon demo 4K Video over IP solution at NAB

April 19, 2016

Panasonic will use NAB 2016 to demonstrate the results of a collaboration with Canon Inc., on a proposed Video over IP (VoIP) solution, using the newly-developed VoIP gateway for 4K and HD.

VoIP is a technology for transmitting high-definition video over IP networks in nearly real-time, sufficient for seamless video switching. Panasonic has been collaborating on VoIP trials in anticipation of 4K/60p transmission.

At NAB, a 10GB Ethernet cable will connect the Panasonic (C3607) and Canon (C3627) booths. Each booth will have a 4K camera and the Panasonic booth will also have a 4K video server. Together, the booths will exhibit a system using the VoIP gateway in which users can select video to display from the server, with support from switching software.

The VoIP gateway converts 4K/60p baseband signals into IP packets and uses TICO compression to enable transmission of up to three channels of 4K/60p on a single 10GB Ethernet cable. It enables two-channel 4K/60p signals or eight-channel HD signals in a 1U size complying with SMPTE 2022, SMPTE 2059 and SMPTE RDD 35, as well as time-synchronisation through the IP network.

“There is growing interest within the broadcast industry for live production in UHD, 4K and 8K,” said Guilhem Krier, Head of Product Marketing & Business Development Europe. “IP technology can provide the capacity and flexibility to achieve and distribute this.

“Lightweight video compression makes 4K video transmission realistic, and to achieve this Panasonic is partnering with intoPIX, the company that developed the TICO codec.”

Panasonic’s position is that an open and flexible approach to the use of IP technology in the field of video production is absolutely essential to furthering VoIP for the whole industry. Panasonic officially joined the Alliance for IP Media Systems (AIMS) in March 2016.

In the future, the Company anticipates building the VoIP gateway functionality directly into products, allowing video production equipment to seamlessly connect by VoIP.

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