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comScore claims cross-platform ratings

April 20, 2016

comScore has completed the first round of development of its cross-platform ratings, and is now showing the results to clients for private preview.

The company says this first release of ratings following the merger of comScore and Rentrak is based on fully integrated panel and census-based datasets, spanning linear and time-shifted TV, VoD, and digital viewing.

comScore is engaging with its key national clients to share the initial release of the information, which dates back to September 2014. This includes cross-platform person-level reporting based on a US data footprint of 37 million televisions for linear viewing, 117 million televisions for VoD and currency standard digital data. The results will be shared directly with clients on a monthly reporting cadence for the first few months while clients acclimate to the data. This fall, comScore expects to introduce its syndicated cross-platform measurement product.

“At the time of our merger, we made it clear to the industry that we intended to move incredibly fast to bring to market the cross-platform audience data that our clients have been clamoring for,” said Caroline Horner, senior vice president at comScore. “People are consuming content in smaller and smaller slices, and our clients want to know every opportunity they have to reach those individuals regardless of where, when and how they’re watching. By producing cross-platform ratings based on massive sample sizes and the de-duplicated audience metrics that media planners need, we’re now able to deliver insights to the market that are far more granular than what has been provided to-date by existing measurement services.”

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