TV Connect 2016: Simplestream to showcase the latest market leading live-2-VOD solutions with proprietary Media Manager workflow

Simplestream, (TV Connect: Garland Partners/ Media Excel #52), a leading provider of live streaming and live-2-VOD solutions has announced that TV Connect 2016 will see a demonstration of its latest products, Media Manager, Platform Services and Media Hub, and its Media Manager workflow on the stand of Garland Partners and Media Excel. With an industry leading live-2-VOD turnaround time of less than one minute, the end-to end demonstration will reveal how broadcasters and content providers of all sizes can now maximise their share of the OTT market, by delivering premium content services with the greatest cost efficiencies via a range of modular services.

Simplestream’s proprietary Media Manager is a multi-channel, multi-territory solution developed to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering the full range of live-streaming, TVEverywhere, catch-up and live-2-VOD solutions. Media Manager has a firmware integration with Media Excels encoders as part of the architecture to ensure scalable and high-quality live streaming and live-2-VOD/VOD-2-live across every platform and audience size.

Platform Services offers broadcasters the ability to cost-effectively deliver catchup services to YouView, Freeview Play, Freesat, Virgin, EETV in addition to mobiles, tablets and Smart TV’s already supported.

Media Hub allows telcos and broadcasters to deploy the next generation of online TV services across multiple platforms and territories, including live/automated catchup and pack management. Simplestream will be showcasing Media Hub through a demonstration of TVPlayer, an award winning, low cost OTT subscription service.

Through outfitting the Simplestream architecture to include the latest editing functionality, EPG management, native and third-party publishing tools, and offering a scalable SaaS model, Simplestream enables providers to launch a fully-customised UX and multi-screen premium content services in a matter of weeks, and maintain the service with fewer resources but with the highest possible ROI.

Dan Finch, Commercial Director of Simplestream, said, “Our mission is to ensure that every content provider can extend the reach of their content across every platform and device in the most cost-effective and competitive way possible. Because we have developed such a comprehensive architecture through Media Manager, we can focus our efforts on providing the best UX that meets each businesses needs while ensuring an industry-leading launch-to-market time at an extremely competitive price.  Media Excel helps us to achieve this flexibility and scalability for our customers by ensuring the delivery of their content is the highest quality, no matter what the size of the channel, or audience. The uptake of our Media Manager solution for niche and industry-leading networks has been significant, and we expect this to continue as the demand for OTT and TVEverywhere services continues to rise.”

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