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Accenture StormTest for Sky Q

April 27, 2016

ATV @ TV Connect

Accenture has been selected by Sky to ensure viewers have an optimal experience when streaming and watching shows through the newly launched premium TV service, Sky Q. The Accenture StormTest platform will provide Sky customers with a consistent service through continuous monitoring and testing.

Accenture StormTest Development Centre applies the latest automation techniques, which helps to ensure the quality and reliability of customer-premises equipment (CPE) software releases in development, and Accenture StormTest Warning Centre continuously tests and monitors Sky Q set-top boxes in deployment.

“Change in the broadcasting industry is occurring broadly and rapidly, and Sky is a great example of a company embracing the opportunity that digital technology offers to drive high levels of customer satisfaction,” said Sef Tuma, managing director and chief strategy officer, Accenture Digital Video. “This deal showcases the value of our S3 TV Technology acquisition and the StormTest platform, a fully integrated part of our Accenture Digital Video business.”

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