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Netflix mobile cap

May 5, 2016

Netflix has revealed its bandwidth limits for mobile networks. It is implementing a default setting for streaming at 600 Kbps to help ensure subscribers don’t exceed data caps. This means about 1 GB used for three hours of streaming video; Netflix says this offers a good compromise between video quality and data usage.

Subscribers can adjust their settings if they want to stream at higher rates and use more data. They will have a choice of six settings: streaming only on Wi-Fi, the default setting, low for about 4 hours of video per GB, medium for about 2 hours per GB, high for about 1 hour per GB, and unlimited, offering the highest possible quality for their device and connection. The unlimited setting can use as much as 1 GB or more in 20 minutes, Netflix said.

The announcement follows the company admitting last month that it was throttling customers on certain mobile networks for some time already, in order to protect customers from low data caps and excess fees.

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