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Studio Berlin-Adlershof relies on R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL and R&S VENICE from Rohde & Schwarz DVS

May 11, 2016

Studio Berlin-Adlershof has added the R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL storage solution and the R&S VENICE ingest and production platform from Rohde & Schwarz DVS to its workflows. The TV production company has relied on the reliability, versatility and top performance of Rohde & Schwarz DVS systems for years. When the time came to expand its infrastructure to meet increasing production demands, Studio Berlin again decided in favour of Rohde & Schwarz DVS.

An R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL now provides Studio Berlin-Adlershof with 192 TB of additional storage capacity. The R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL is a flexible solution that offers storage capacities ranging from 96 TB to 384 TB. These various capacity options gave Studio Berlin the freedom to select the storage capacity that met its needs. The R&S SpycerBox Ultra TL also offers more bandwidth than conventional nearline systems, optimizing speed and simplifying workflow scalability, which minimised the effort required for this infrastructure expansion.

The R&S VENICE ingest and production platform offers four channels and is responsible for essential in-studio transmission tasks such as ingest and playout. The transform option will help editors at Studio Berlin-Adlershof speed up their processes. R&S VENICE allows repetitive settings to be saved as presets and scenarios, enabling time-saving, convenient operation and fast response to changing production requirements. The user-friendly user interface also improves efficiency by clearly displaying work steps, making it easy for users in various departments to operate the ingest and production platform.

In addition to the extra speed, Studio Berlin-Adlershof will also benefit from more secure workflows. Thanks to the dual destination recording feature integrated into R&S VENICE, content can be stored in two separate memory environments per channel. This ensures that valuable material is securely stored even under hectic live broadcast conditions.

Ralf Helbing, head of IT at Studio Berlin-Adlershof: “We have relied on systems from Rohde & Schwarz DVS for years. That is why it was a given that we would use their systems for our infrastructure as well.”

André Vent, DVS sales manager at Rohde & Schwarz: “We are very pleased that we could help Studio Berlin-Adlershof scale up their infrastructure and optimize their workflows.”

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