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Google unveils Daydream VR platform

May 19, 2016

Google has unveiled its new virtual reality platform branded ‘Daydream’. Built on top of Android N, Daydream is essentially Android for VR. It will offer users a home screen from which to access apps. Among them will be Google stalwarts including the Play store, YouTube and Photos.

Google already has a VR platform, Cardboard, designed to let users trial a VR-lite experience through their smartphone and a piece of laser-cut cardboard. Daydream, by contrast, is built for purpose-made VR headsets, and will end up competing head-to-head with the likes of Sony and Facebook at the op of the VR market.

Commenting on the annuncement, Geoff Blaber, Vice President, Americas at CCS Insight said: “Daydream is phase 2 in Google’s mobile virtual reality ambitions. The scale of Android coupled with content, service, computer vision and AI assets puts Google in a strong position to become a leading force in virtual reality.”

“Google has learned a lot from the more than five million Google Cardboard devices that have been shipped so far. It will be hoping its new Daydream reference design will help its Android partners go head-to-head with Samsung’s Gear VR.”

“Android Wear 2.0 is a reset for Google’s wearables platform. Having learned lessons from the first generation, Google and partners will hope 2.0 will kick start wearables adoption and ongoing usage.”

“Android Instant Apps is a big departure in how Google thinks about applications and is crucial to integrating a variety Android apps with Google search to drive discovery, usage and monetisation.  Instant Apps is a way that Google can get Android users who have maxed out on downloadable apps to try new experiences.”

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