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Paywizard, Ideal Systems partnership

May 24, 2016

Paywizard, the specialist in subscriber management for pay-TV, has formed a partnership with Ideal Systems, a systems integrator in Asia Pacific, to bring advanced subscription, billing and CRM capabilities to pay-TV and OTT operators in APAC. By leveraging Ideal Systems’ reputation across the APAC region for innovation in system integration, Paywizard says it can better support operators in the region with acquiring, retaining and growing loyal subscribers, using its award winning Agile platform.

Fintan McKiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems for South East Asia comments: “It’s very exciting to bring together over 42 years of joint experience to solve the most pressing challenge facing TV service providers today. With the speed that the landscape is changing, operators in Asia Pacific can’t afford to waste time when it comes to improving their relationships with subscribers, through being more targeted, personalised, and responsive. Paywizard has shown enormous commitment to finding what consumers expectations are when it comes to customer service and experience and, with our help, we will make sure that APAC operators are able to reap the rewards of its intuitive and insight-driven platform.”

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