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Romance TV expands internationally with solutions from CreateCtrl

May 25, 2016

After the successful launch of Romance TV in Poland in 2010, the channel is available now also in Hungary and Romania. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the romantic TV channel is already established since 2008 and shows first-class premium productions that revolve around the world of emotions, love relationships, family, friends and enmities. The Romance TV channel format is operated internationally by Mainstream Networks Holding, a joint venture of Mainstream Media and ZDF Enterprises.

Since the first channel’s launch Romance TV uses CreateCtrl’s Media Applications Suite 7 for the management and planning of its programme content. One of the main reasons for the use of the software is Mainstream Media’s requirement towards workflow-based procedures. Thanks to modern, web-based interface technology, CreateCtrl’s broadcast management system fits seamlessly into the media environment. Thus, a system infrastructure is created which facilitates extensive automation of workflows beyond system boundaries and achieves maximum efficiency in the fulfillment of daily tasks.

The metadata of all programme licences, titles and programs is maintained and managed via a central database. The fully comprehensive support of the Unicode character set enables the processing of international languages ​​and scripts and enables, Mainstream Media to schedule all its international TV channels in parallel with Media Applications Suite 7.

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