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Brightline expands InCAST product suite

May 27, 2016

BrightLine, the market leader at providing dynamic and interactive content solutions for OTT TV, announced an expansion of its InCAST product suite with the launch of addressable dynamic products built for IP delivered premium programming in the OTT space.

By leveraging the InCAST platform, that has now been adopted across all major broadcast and cable networks’ connected TV/OTT apps, BrightLine and their media partners are able to provide personalised TV experiences with dynamic, household specific messaging, including: theatre location and movie times, product/store locator, weather-based creative, and more. These personalised products allow the viewer to engage with brand messaging on their own terms. BrightLine is now launching campaigns that deploy a broad array of 3rd-party APIs, including Gracenote’s movie times, and Cofactor’s product pricing and location API, among other client specific dynamic feeds.

“Leading media partners and Fortune 100 advertisers use the InCast platform to redefine the TV experience for viewers in the IP-delivered video space.” said Mike Fisher, Vice President of Product Strategy and Business Development at BrightLine. “With the addition of dynamic creative, we now offer true addressable messaging and personalized content on the screen viewers continue to trust the most – television”

“YuMe’s partnership with BrightLine allows us to extend our portfolio of dynamic ad units to enable our clients to deliver tailored brand and product messaging based on a consumer’s location,” said Venkat Krishnan, Senior Vice President of Product at YuMe. “BrightLine’s newest OTT ad formats help drive purchase intent and audience engagement for our advertisers and brands.”

In addition to BrightLine’s unique and broad partnership with premium TV content players, the InCAST™ platform is fully deployed across the entire OTT living room footprint, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as all IOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, and Desktop.

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