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DirecTV wants ‘direct-to-car’

May 27, 2016

Many of us spend far too long in our vehicles but AT&T, which now owns pay-TV operator DirecTV, says it wants to beam a portfolio of channels and content into its subscriber’s vehicle.

While drivers – and their families – can already access some live entertainment programming from their ‘smart’ devices via cellular links, Chris Penrose, SVP at AT&T’s Internet of Things department, believes technology is shaping up to boost that degree of connectivity.

AT&T already has more than 8 million vehicles on its network, with about half of newly connected cars having their owners taking its services.  “We think that DirecTV is a great entertainment asset in our portfolio, and we’re actively working with them to identify ways to bring DTV content into the car,” said Penrose, as quoted by news site Captees.

The news report doesn’t quote a timetable for a service introduction, but suggests that any service that included kids programming would be a welcome benefit to those youngsters travelling in the back seats.

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