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Vimeo’s VHX launches in-app subscriptions

May 27, 2016

Vimeo’s white-label video solution VHX has launched in-app subscriptions for partner branded OTT apps. The new payment feature enables viewers to subscribe seamlessly on their Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Roku devices. The release opens doors to Apple, which accounted for 40 per cent of the US smartphone market in 2015 and continues to dominate streaming media devices with its cumulative sale of 37 million Apple TV units since 2007, giving video sellers the ultimate opportunity to gain more subscribers and grow their video business.

“We’re excited to help our sellers tap into the Apple and Roku app marketplaces, where the potential for discovery and subscriber conversion is huge. We’ve already seen success with one of our top sellers — viewers who find their app in the app store are 33% more likely to start a free trial than viewers on the web,” says Casey Pugh, Co-founder and Head of Product at VHX.

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