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Teleste DOCSIS 3.1 network upgrade for DNA

May 31, 2016

Video and broadband technology specialist Teleste is to supply the latest DOCSIS 3.1 network technology-based network cable network products in addition to its network service expertise to cable operator and pay-TV provider DNA’s network upgrade project in Southern Finland. The upgrade embraces nearly 1,500 network sites.

“We want to offer our clients an excellent customer experience as well as reliable, fast network connections for the increasing use of online services. In fixed broadband networks, DOCSIS 3.1 technology offers the best solution for meeting this objective. In co-operation with Teleste, we have already noted that the technology really does do what it promises,” commented Kari Ruopsa, Head of Cable Networks at DNA. “We are highly satisfied that this upgrade will enable us to bring our cable network customers within the reach of fixed broadband connections that are incomparable in speed and which respond to the requirements of both the current and future information society.”

“This is the first comprehensive network implementation in Finland where the cable network will be upgraded to take full advantage of the DOCSIS 3.1 technology from headend to home. As a result, the next generation cable networks will take a significant step forward in Finland as well,” added Matti Nurmi, Director of Teleste Network Services in Finland. “As a technology vendor, Teleste is in a unique position, since we can also offer highly developed network service expertise to our operator customers. We eagerly look forward to continuing our cooperation with DNA in both of our core expertise areas.”

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