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SpaceX considers ‘pre-flown’ rockets

June 1, 2016

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX says it will be shortly holding discussions with space industry rocket and satellite insurance underwriters in order to establish a certification process for its recovered rockets.

SpaceX now has a rapidly filling hanger of 4 pre-flown Falcon-9 rocket first stages which founder Elon Musk says could trim satellite launch costs by around 30 per cent.

SpaceX’s VP/commercial sales, Jonathan Hofeller, speaking at CASBAA in Singapore, cautioned delegates that it was too early to start quoting lower costs for re-using these rocket parts as the cost of refurbishment was not yet clear.

Musk has previously said that a refurbished and ready-to-fly rocket could be ready to launch this summer. Satellite operator SES has publicly stated it could be ready to be a debut client for a pre-flown rocket, but would be seeking 50 percent discount on the full price of some $60 million for an ‘all new’ rocket.


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