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Broadband, TV desirable for new build properties

June 6, 2016

Almost 70 per cent of people would like new build properties to be better equipped for modern living, with people citing a desire for more storage, renewable energy, and pre-wired TV and broadband. Buying a new build remains attractive – more than half of people would opt for a new build because it allows them to have input on the style and design of the interior.

These figures come from a UK-wide survey, commissioned by Sky to explore consumer expectations of new build property against a backdrop of changing media consumption and rapidly advancing technology.

Broadband and TV services ranked in the top five essential services, just behind more traditional utilities such as electricity, water, and gas with 55 per cent of people expecting to have TV services in place either before they move in or within 48 hours. At the bottom of the table, 18 per cent of people considered a security system essential and just 8 per cent couldn’t live without supermarket deliveries.

“Sky is committed to delivering solutions for property developers and their clients,” asserted Chris Collinson, Sky’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The demands of modern living mean that people have less time to wait for services to be installed and being connected has become essential to people’s lives. Expectations are rising, with people demanding more from their property. Sky Q offers state of the art wireless home entertainment and our walk in working solution meets the needs of homebuyers from day one – something that really sets a development apart.”

When talking about Walk in Working (WIW) services, 93 per cent of people said they would be attracted to a property that offered this. Not only do people find WIW appealing but over 70 per cent of people (71.4 per cent) of people find it stressful to take time off work to have services installed, clearly demonstrating that having WIW reduces stress for buyers and helps developers to sell property.

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