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Streambox brings 360 live streaming to YouTube

June 14, 2016

Streambox, a live streaming pioneer, has announced live 360 video streaming to YouTube. Combining Streambox Cloud Services with the beta release of the Cloud Encoder – 360 gives users a simple solution to the complex problems involved with live 360 streaming. Streambox invites content producers to become beta testers and start streaming live 360 video now.

“Video streaming is a complicated process and 360 video adds another level of complexity with camera stitching, encoding, and streaming. What we are trying to do is make live 360 easy and affordable,” said Alex Telitsine, CTO of Streambox. In order to make a live 360 stream easy to setup and use, the Cloud Encoder – 360 integrates real time lens distortion correction, video stitching, and compression, eliminating the need to purchase third-party software.

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