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Rebrand and refocus for Vivendi’s CANAL Group

June 28, 2016

By Colin Mann

Vivendi’s CANAL Group has unveiled what it calls the CANAL galaxy, a collection of four national reference channels with complementary models, distinct editorial lines, articulated around a common denominator: the CANAL brand. For the first time in the history of the Group, CANAL channels will develop into a world of a single brand, a symbol of their belonging to the same family.

At the centre of this collection, the CANAL+ pay channel will concentrate on premium content with exclusive programming capable of driving subscriptions. From the start of the school year, subscribers will benefit from 150 additional hours of exclusive content, with more sport, more movies, more original productions and more culture and entertainment which characterise the CANAL editorial line and tone.

As a consequence, CANAL will review the place of the free-to-air shop window, aligning it more closely with the channel’s promise, with on average two hours per day in the clear. Appearing before a Senate Commission on June 23, Group executives confirmed a move away from the free-to-air offering.

CANAL’s in the clear offering will concentrate on three free channels, CANAL8, CANALSTAR and CANALNEWS.

The aim is to create new synergies, to reinforce its offer and above all, establish new outlets for talent.

CANAL8, currently the third national commercial channel in France, has ambitions to become a major generalist channel, being a major channel of optimism, which brings together all generation and all audiences.

CANALSTAR is the leading generational music channel in France, the place for musical talents to meet, express themselves and flourish.

Finally, CANALNEWS is the information channel for Groupe CANAL. Its mission remains unchanged: to give an account of news in real time, while enjoying the advantages of the Group (in particular in the fields of sport and culture) to differentiate against growing competition.

Among the new season’s offerings on CANAL+:

  • One extra game in Ligue 1 each match day, an increase of 50 per cent over the season with 114 matches in all compared with 76 last season.
  • One ‘marquee’ game per match day in Ligue 2 and the entirety of the League Cup.
  • All of the TOP 14 rugby union tournament until 2023.
  • All 21 F1 Grands Prix.
  • Golf’s leading competitions, namely the European Tour, the Augusta Masters and the next Ryder Cup to be held in France in 2018.


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