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31% of Brits pretend they’ve watched a TV show

June 29, 2016

According to research by TalkTalk TV Store, nearly half of Brits (42 per cent) have felt in the dark in situations where a show they haven’t watched is being discussed. A further one in three (31 per cent) admitted to pretending to be fans of shows in a bid to appear in the know amongst friends and family.

Game of Thrones was voted the show that causes Brits to suffer the biggest case of ‘Shomo’ – a new social condition that describes the feeling you get when people around you are talking about popular TV shows that you have never watched – with the latest season provoking thousands of conversations every week.Two-thirds (66 per cent) admitted they felt the need to join in conversations about everything from dragons, to White Walkers and the fate of Jon Snow, despite not having watched a single episode.

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