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86% want TV-like quality when streaming video

June 29, 2016

According to a report on US video streaming from Verizon Digital Media Services – Quality Matters – more viewers continue to consume content online, on devices of all kinds, but as content creators continue to grow and gain more numbers, they need to consider the factors that keep their viewers coming back for more. Verizon has found that by focusing on network and ensuring high quality content, creators can increase engagement by 25 per cent.

The following statistics are based on a survey conducted by Verizon Digital Media Services of 1,007 US-based consumers who streamed video at least once in the past month.

  • 86 per cent of viewers say it is very or extremely important to get a TV-like quality experience every time they watch, and on every screen they use.
  • Two-thirds of weekly streaming video viewing is happening on tablet, mobile and PC.
  • 32 per cent of viewers on mobile devices will stop watching content if there is poor quality.
  • Mobile viewers will give up watching after 13 minutes of poor viewing quality, which can result in a 78 per cent drop in viewing time.
  • Eliminating poor quality viewing experiences will have a dramatic effect on revenue. Ad-supported video services would see an increase in ad revenue of at least 25 per cent. Subscription VOD providers would see a drop in churn of 10 percent or more.

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