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June 30, 2016

AdMore, the US automated TV advertising platform, has formed a partnership with Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, to give Videology’s software users access to AdMore TV inventory inclusive of national broadcast, more than 1,200 local and cable affiliates through Videology’s DETV product.

Combining AdMore’s 100+ million TV homes with Videology’s DETV software enables top brands and agencies to access large-scale linear TV audiences with greater automation and advanced data-targeting capabilities. Videology’s DETV software allows users to plan, execute, optimise and measure TV campaigns with greater efficiency, producing greater reach against strategic target audiences for a lower effective cost.

“Videology is widely recognised for producing the industry’s strongest automated targeting capabilities and most effective optimisation data,” said Brendan Condon, AdMore president. “We can bolster that with linear TV audiences at scale across fully national networks or from more than 200 different Nielsen-monitored DMAs that are scaled to meet any of these brands and agencies’ rapidly evolving needs.”

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