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Football viewers generate 4 times more online traffic for Edgeware Euro customers

July 11, 2016

European TV providers using Edgeware’s pioneering TV content delivery network (CDN) technology have reported a substantial uptake in internet-based viewing throughout this summer’s international European football. As the tournament progressed, major increases in the peak volume of audiences accessing live football feeds via internet-delivered TV services were recorded through Edgeware’s in-built TV Analytics solution. These ranged from a 2.5 to a 4 times increase in peak viewing capacity during days on which matches were being played.

The use of a dedicated TV CDN, a concept pioneered by Edgeware, allows broadcasters to connect with their audiences live – without delay, buffering or glitches, to deliver an amazing TV experience. Event TV, including major sporting events delivered over the internet must match traditional broadcast feeds in terms of quality and latency. Because today’s sports fans supplement their viewing experience by connecting with others through social media or messaging apps, any reaction is experienced in real-time so internet delivered TV cannot experience delays.

“The age of everyone gathering together to watch event TV is by no means dead. It’s just a different, more interactive viewing experience today. Viewers might not be in the same room, so we have to take a different approach to how live content is delivered,” said Joachim Roos, CEO at Edgeware. “To make TV amazing again, content, particularly live sport, delivered over the internet must be free of delays, buffering and glitches. The rise in viewing figures that our customers have experienced during this tournament is testament to the superior quality and performance that their services can provide.”

Edgeware TV CDNs distribute content at the edge of the network to deliver a rich set of TV services, scale cost-effectively and give content owners a unique insight into viewers’ behavior. With low-latency, guaranteed resources and no buffering, a TV CDN can deliver services such as live-TV, time-shift TV, ad insertion, TV anywhere, cloud DVR, encryption and fast channel change – all from a single platform.

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