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Neustar addressable TV ad targeting for DISH

July 13, 2016

Neustar, a neutral provider of real-time information services, has announced its expansion into addressable TV ad targeting and measurement through a partnership with DISH Media Sales, a specialist in addressable and advanced advertising.

Neustar expands its expertise in omnichannel marketing analytics and identity management by offering marketers the ability to deliver audience-based targeting on television and measure how addressable advertising performs across platforms. The partnership enhances DISH’s advanced consumer profiles, enabling marketers to utilise Neustar consumer data to granularly target DISH’s nearly 8 million US addressable television households. This approach allows brands to reduce wasted media spending and to measure the overall effectiveness of marketing activities.

Through the partnership with Neustar and DISH, advertisers can build addressable TV audiences based on their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, a partner’s data or third-party data, delivering relevant messages to targeted households. Addressable television advertising gives advertisers the ability to better reach the right audience, with the right message by incorporating demographic and psychographic attributes, such as car ownership, or leisure preferences.

“TV is going through a renaissance and promises to reinvent itself in a way that aligns with how consumers want to engage with brands,” said Steven Wolfe Pereira, chief marketing and communications officer of Neustar. “With the proliferation of media and the multi-screen behavior of consumers accelerating rapidly, marketers have the opportunity to transform how they use their valuable customer data. We are excited to partner with DISH, a pioneer in the TV industry, to let media buyers and sellers demonstrate the efficacy of TV media by hyper-targeting advertisements, and measuring results at a granular, addressable level,” he added.

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