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Turksat/CNN-Turk HQ hit in coup attempt

July 18, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Various sources, including reports on CNN-Turk, said that the headquarters of Turksat in Ankara was hit by a military helicopter gunship as part of the attempted coup.

CNN-Turk, based at the Dogan Media Centre, itself was then taken over by armed soldiers and the on-air anchors forced off the air. CNN Turk carried on broadcasting images of its empty news-desk on Facebook Live during the late evening of July 15th.

By the early hours of Saturday morning CNN-Turk was back on air, with CNN-Turk General Manager Ferhat Borate and Editor-in-Chief Erdogan Aktas telling viewers what had happened. During the night, the station took calls from President Erdogan and the Prime Minister.

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