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India: CryptoMedia protects DishTV

July 19, 2016

Semiconductor and IP products specialist Rambus has confirmed that DishTV India has selected the CryptoMedia Security Platform for use in its pay-TV satellite system. The platform, which includes a hardware root-of-trust embedded in the set-top box chipset, ensures secure distribution of premium content for cable and satellite operators while eliminating the need for a smart card and enhancing usability of the set-top box.

“As we look to grow our customer base from the current 13 million subscribers, the demand for cost-effective and robust content protection solutions becomes increasingly important for consumers seeking premium content,” said Jawahar Goel, Managing Director of DishTV India. “By leveraging the embedded CryptoMedia core, we no longer need a smart card to provide secure access to premium content, significantly reducing the cost and improving the security of the set-top box.”

The CryptoMedia Content Protection Core, developed by Rambus Cryptography Research, is one of several new security elements to be integrated in DishTV India’s latest set-top boxes. Together with the CryptoMedia operator services, the solution provides a flexible security foundation that allows DishTV India easily to update and reconfigure software and hardware security throughout the lifecycle of the set-top box. DishTV India will launch the new platform in broad commercial operation this autumn.

“By using the CryptoMedia Content Protection Core, DishTV India recognises the value of enabling another level of protection in the set-top box chipset alongside security elements provided by CAS vendors,” said Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Security Division at Rambus. “Our CryptoMedia Security Platform provides DishTV India with extra protection for the delivery of content, utilising our expertise in both embedded security and ecosystem enablement.”

Formerly part of the CryptoFirewall family, the CryptoMedia Content Protection Core is designed to provide strong security and superior system design flexibility for premium content distribution. The solution minimises the risk of security failure and helps simplify product development. The core is available in a broad range of set-top box and smart TV chipsets and is compatible with the leading CAS and DRM systems to prevent unauthorised access to content and services, including features such as pay-per-view and service-tier upgrades.

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