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RealD ‘revolutionises’ cinema screen

July 20, 2016

By Chris Forrester

RealD, perhaps best known for its 3D polarisation technology, has unveiled a new highly-reflective cinema screen that is a claimed 85 per cent more light efficient than today’s normal ‘silver’ screens.

The company says that its technology delivers much crisper detail, and a potential 1000-to-one Contrast Ratio.

RealD explains that the traditional ‘silver’ screen is made up of a series of ‘flakes’ random in shape and size sprayed onto the screen, resulting in a significant amount of light being trapped in an uneven surface, which can create light loss and depolarisation.

Piloted in the UK at the Odeon cinema, Surrey Quays from summer 2016, the Ultimate Screen has also been fitted at Wanda Beijing, AMC Burbank and Cinemark Boulder. RealD will roll this innovation out as production ramps up.

“The Ultimate Screen from RealD is a quantum leap forwards. Seven years in development, the innovative technology can precisely control how light is projected, so that no matter where you sit in the auditorium, the experience is superior,” says RealD.

“We are always looking ahead in innovation to enable the best experience for cinema-goers. Our R&D team continuously and relentlessly look to invent new technologies that get the film maker’s vision on the screen in the most dynamic and realistic way and that’s how and why we created the Ultimate Screen. It is one of the most important parts of the cinema experience but one that has received much less innovation.”

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