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Pay-TV subs ‘want to take summer off’

July 21, 2016

With warmer weather beckoning and consumers leaving the comforts of home for holiday destinations, many want to be able to put their pay-TV subscriptions on pause during the summer months. Research from Paywizard, a specialist in subscriber management for pay-TV, highlights that today’s subscribers are looking for greater flexibility from their TV packages.

The research reveals that, increasingly, pay-TV customers are demanding a better experience at each of the key ‘Decision Moments’ along their subscriber journey, particularly when it comes to changing their subscription packages.

The Paywizard research, conducted in partnership with research experts Decipher, reveals that providers need to be more adaptable to consumer preferences and circumstances when it comes to upgrading or downgrading their packages. Consumers said they wanted greater simplicity when making subscription account changes, along with better responsiveness and an improved understanding of their needs.

When it comes time for a subscription ‘holiday’ focus group members made it clear they just wanted to relax when dealing with their TV provider:

–  One of the research respondents praised providers that enabled users to instantly change their TV subscription. “These pay-TV packages are like a rubber band. You flex them in and out and its’ fine.”
– Another participant noted the importance of being able to pause their account and then restart as an existing customer. “You wouldn’t have to fill out the form again – you just pick up where you left off. That is really great.”
– On the need to have flexibility when it comes to changing circumstances, a third commented, “Nobody likes to be tied down do they?”

“The feedback from the focus groups mirrors what we are hearing from consumers across the globe,” says Bhavesh Vaghela, CMO, Paywizard. “Today’s subscribers’ circumstances change all the time and viewers want providers that can be agile and keep up with their needs.”

He adds: “For instance, if you’re shutting up the house and going off to the South of France for August, you don’t need pay-TV at home and many people resent paying for it while they’re away.”

Viewers in both the UK and the US told researchers that upgrading their package should be easy  – just a few clicks away – that they don’t mind upgrade marketing if it’s a good deal, and that they don’t want to be locked into a long restrictive contract.

“Subscribers want freedom and by being more adaptable, operators can build loyalty, improve engagement and drive even greater revenues,” says Vaghela.

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