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Samsung leads customer satisfaction for large TVs

July 29, 2016

Samsung ranks highest in customer satisfaction with 50-inch or larger TVs, while Sony ranks highest in satisfaction with TVs smaller than 50 inches, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Television (TV) Satisfaction Report.

Regardless of the size of the TV they purchase, shoppers focus on finding value. Among customers who recently purchased a television, 67 per cent of those with a TV smaller than 50 inches and 55 per cent of those with a TV 50 inches or larger cite price as the primary reason for their selection.

“Price is always a factor when selecting a television, but consumers should also consider how they plan to use the TV and select a model that will meet their needs, whether it is watching sports, playing video games or enjoying movies,” said Greg Truex, senior director of service industries at J.D. Power. “There are several TV technologies available, each with their own pros and cons. Picture resolution, processor speed and sound quality all affect satisfaction with the TV.”

Samsung ranks highest in the 50-inch or larger TV segment with a score of 859. Sony ranks highest in the smaller than 50-inch TV segment with a score of 843.

The report measures satisfaction with TVs among customers who purchased one in the past 12 months. Satisfaction is evaluated across seven factors: performance/reliability; features; price; ease of operation; built-in online capabilities; customer service; and warranty. Satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale.

Key findings:
– Overall satisfaction is higher among customers who purchased a TV 50 inches or larger (845) than among those who purchased a TV smaller than 50 inches (812).
Both groups of customers indicate that the in-store display was their primary source of information during the shopping process, with 22 per cent saying they relied primarily on the in-store displays.
The report finds that 80 per cent of customers with TVs 50 inches or larger and 59 per cent of those with TVs smaller than 50 inches have a smart TV.
– Customers with a TV 50 inches or larger are more likely to access video on demand, social media, cloud storage and Web browsers than are those with a TV smaller than 50 inches.
– More customers with a TV 50 inches or larger indicate they purchased one with a curved screen or 4K Ultra HD, compared to those with a TV smaller than 50 inches (27 per cent vs. 17 per cent, respectively, for curved screens and 52 per cent vs. 25 per cent for 4K Ultra HD).
– The most common problems customers report with their TV are glare and/or reflection (25 per cent); the TV doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi (18 per cent); the remote control does not work properly (13 per cent); and the sound is distorted, low or missing (13 per cent).

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