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Compact Tech boost for asset protection

August 15, 2016

By Colin Mann

Independent media advisory group Compact Media has launched a new division – Compact Tech – which provides a range of products and solutions to help film and TV companies manage their business and their assets with greater efficiency.

Products and services range from Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Asset Management (MAM), Client Portal Creation, Cyber tracking and takedown services for illegal online content and bespoke tracking across a client’s AV and Music IP.

All the products have been developed by Compact in partnership with leading suppliers and customised to the specific needs of the modern rights holder client.

To tackle the issue of illegal streaming, which means lost revenue opportunities and reduced negotiating power for right holders with SVoD platforms, Compact has added the Digital Audit Report to its product range. This cyber tracking tool provides rights holders with a comprehensive overview of where unsanctioned or illegal copies of programmes or films are online, and provides information on how to remove them. A Digital Audit Report can also be carried out on the rights holder’s own web presence to identify potential security concerns.

Compact Tech is also able to offer enhanced broadcast and music tracking services as part of its new product range. This includes forensic level tracking of music publishing and AV assets to ensure rights holders are getting maximum financial benefit from their IP – highlighting missing revenue opportunities from additional licensing to missing or incorrect cue sheet information.

Other new products include the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution which brings together all image files into an accessible central workspace. Furthermore, Compact is able to offer marketing automation services to ensure presentations and sales materials are consistent and on brand, deliver fully personalised web portals that display marketing and business information, as well as comprehensive web design and creation services as part of its Tech Services package.

“Over our 20 years we have demonstrated how we have added value for our clients,” declared David Johnson, CEO at Compact Media Group. “The remit for our Compact Tech division is to leverage our unparalleled experience and focus on delivering a suite of products and services that will provide additional benefit and ultimately financial return for the ever evolving digital world.”

“Never has there been a greater opportunity or need to take control of your IP for maximum financial value. Our unique trusted approach, proven ability and passion will give our clients the edge they deserve,” he added.

“Many of these products and services have been developed and successfully deployed in our own demanding business environment,” noted Brian Cuttler, Director of Operations at Compact Media Group. “Our customised products and services are engineered to the highest specification and designed for simple cloud based deployment with the high level support that Compact is known for – we look forward to now being able to offer these to the industry.”

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