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CCIA offers FCC STB solution

August 23, 2016

By Colin Mann

US trade group the Computer & Communications Industry Association has submitted a white paper to the FCC that offers a way to bridge the gap between the FCC’s plan to bring competition to TV set-top boxes and its opponents. According to the CCIA, the alternative apps plan offered by the cable industry and others would still leave them in control while falling short on ensuring competition and consumer choice. The CCIA’s white paper outlines a solution that it claims would build on the apps proposal, add competitive elements from the FCC’s plan and use existing technology to address critics’ concerns.

“Increasingly millions of consumers use technological products and services to access massive and expanding amounts of digital video content,” noted CCIA President and CEO Ed Black. “That basic reality is the fundamental reason that getting the policy in this area correct is so important. Making that access maximally convenient and minimally cumbersome while fairly accommodating legitimate stakeholder interests is the challenge facing policy makers.”

“Meaningful competition will promote innovation and enhance consumer experience. The discussion often involves technical terms and data, but the essence of the debate remains simple. Consumers should be able to access the content they have paid for and they should have choice in how they do they do that. Third-party devices should not be expected to compete on an unlevel playing field.”

“The concerns expressed by opponents of the FCC plan to Unlock the Box can be remedied with existing technologies, security and certification practices. For example, consumers have confidence in online shopping or banking on websites that have a ‘lock icon’ that signals a ‘secure’ website rather than an ‘imposter’ site, and that can be done here, too. A Digital Certificate from a certified authority for third-party set-top boxes would allow the FCC to protect stakeholders and unlock the box,” he concluded.

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