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Skyworth ships 30m STBs in 2015

August 23, 2016

skyworthShenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology, a global provider of smart home solutions, has revealed it shipped 30 million set-top boxes globally in 2015 – making it the third biggest set-top manufacturer in the world.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Skyworth Digital also announced revenue of $634 million in 2015, resulting in a net profit of $63.61 million. Contributing to these figures was the shipment of more than seven million OTT boxes, making the Skyworth Digital brand worth 18.3 per cent more than in 2014.

The company data also shows Skyworth Digital’s international presence is growing, with the company’s customers located in 90 countries. In addition, more than 50 per cent of all set-top box deliveries were made internationally, with the remaining shipments made in China.

“Demand for Skyworth Digital set-top box products increased significantly in 2015, driven largely by the growth markets of China and India,” said Mike Paxton, Senior Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence (SNL Kagan). “Skyworth Digital’s 40 per cent annual unit shipment growth rate is especially notable, given that most other leading set-top box manufacturers have managed only single-digit increases in recent years.”

Skyworth Digital’s second biggest market after China, India, accounts for 58.9 per cent of total overseas deliveries. The figures also revealed that the company has number one market share in China, Africa, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

In order to meet the rising international demand, Skyworth Digital plans to boost its overseas production from 30-40 per cent to 50-60 per cent. The company’s factory locations include: Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine/Hungary and Venezuela.

“Skyworth Digital owns a significant global market share with huge international deployments and a number of key partners across the world,” said Darrell Haber, Vice General Manager at Skyworth Digital. “Our commitment to the market is unprecedented and our next strategy is to scale up operations to meet increasing international demand and continue to deliver high quality smart home devices.”

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