US cable VoD doubles ad impressions

Canoe, the cable industry VoD joint venture says cable generated 4.85 billion ad impressions in the second quarter, nearly double the 2.775 billion of a year ago. The increase is credited to more advertisers taking advantage of dynamic ad insertion – now reaching 35 million homes and 49 of the top 50 markets – and more content becoming available on demand to draw viewers.

The best position is mid-roll, with 4.18 billion impressions, compared to 569.3 million in pre-roll and 100.3 million in post-roll. On average, four spots appear in each mid-roll break. A year ago, there were 2.34 billion mid-roll impressions.

Canoe reported 2,166 ad campaigns using VoD ran during the quarter, up from 1,241 a year ago.

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