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US cable VoD doubles ad impressions

August 25, 2016

Canoe, the cable industry VoD joint venture says cable generated 4.85 billion ad impressions in the second quarter, nearly double the 2.775 billion of a year ago. The increase is credited to more advertisers taking advantage of dynamic ad insertion – now reaching 35 million homes and 49 of the top 50 markets – and more content becoming available on demand to draw viewers.

The best position is mid-roll, with 4.18 billion impressions, compared to 569.3 million in pre-roll and 100.3 million in post-roll. On average, four spots appear in each mid-roll break. A year ago, there were 2.34 billion mid-roll impressions.

Canoe reported 2,166 ad campaigns using VoD ran during the quarter, up from 1,241 a year ago.

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