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Altice reveals ‘Altice Way’ transformation

September 5, 2016

Multinational cable, fibre, telecommunications, content and media company Altice has revealed its intention to strengthen further its industrial and operational strategy following its transformation into a leading transatlantic communications and media group with the closing of the acquisition of Cablevision.

Altice plans to make its core strategic, operational and technical capabilities available to its subsidiaries in a more centralised manner to maximise the powerful impact on their operational and financial performance. Altice’s subsidiaries will benefit even more from the know-how, methodologies, best practices, processes and services of the Altice management team.

The Altice model or Altice Way’ includes, amongst others, the following core areas of expertise:

  • Improving network quality, upgrading and building out very high speed communications networks
  • Improving customer relationship management and maximising customer experience, notably by leveraging efficient IT platforms, focusing on digitalisation and simplifying processes
  • Leveraging Altice’s international media and content organisation as part of its global ambition of convergence
  • Delivering to its customers the best news channels, the best sport content, the best documentary programmes and creating the best series and movies
  • Delivering key technology services and market-leading Research and Development through Altice Labs, promoting innovation and transforming technical knowledge into marketable competitive advantages (including the creation and monetisation of world-class data analytics)
  • Developing, launching and integrating new products, services and business models, including the creation of next generation communications access and content convergence platforms with market-leading home hubs
  • Leveraging branding and marketing synergies
  • Selecting strategic suppliers and improving technical and commercial negotiations with the same including through centralised procurement to leverage Altice’s global scale

In accordance with market practice, Altice envisages implementing specific remuneration models with Altice’s subsidiaries, supported by analyses currently conducted by specialised advisory firms.

To strengthen its important capabilities in the context of this updated strategy, Altice intends to insource certain technical and customer care capabilities by taking control of Parilis SA (including its subsidiary ERT Group), a historical supplier of Altice in the area of network deployment, upgrade and maintenance, and Intelcia, a historical customer services supplier to Altice. The vertical integration of these suppliers will enhance Altice’s expertise in these areas and ensure further quality of service improvements to its 50 million customers. Altice also intends to launch both Altice Studios, to create original movies and series, and Altice Channel Factory, to create more new channels, further extending its convergence strategy.

“We are proud to further advance our Group transformation,” declared Michel Combes, Chief Executive Officer of Altice. “Altice has been providing critical strategic and operational support to its subsidiaries enabling them to compete very successfully in their respective markets. As we have significantly grown in size and invested into new markets over the last two years, we are focused on ensuring that the entrepreneurial, innovative DNA and operational excellence at the core of the Altice model continue to benefit our businesses in the most optimal manner while taking full advantage of the global scale of the Group. Our updated strategy will significantly strengthen our subsidiaries and put them into an even better competitive position to provide our customers with best-in-class services across all of our markets.”



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