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Thailand wants its own satellite

September 7, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Thailand’s government wants its own communications satellite, and has appointed Thammasat University’s Research & Consultancy Institute to conduct a feasibility study.

 Currently there is a fleet of Thaicom satellites, owned and operated by Thaicom Public Co. Ltd., largely backed by Shinawtra Computer & Communications Co., but Thailand’s government is examining whether it should finance its own satellite/s.

Thaicom leases capacity (of some 6.5 transponders) to the government which also has capacity on Thaicom’s iPSTAR craft,

The University study is based on the expectation that satellite demand will grow by some 3-5 percent annually, and expanding to around 14 transponders over the next five years. This would warrant a modestly-sized satellite but expansion beyond a five-year period might mean a larger satellite being procured.



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