Advanced Television announces CastSDK

September 9, 2016

At IBC 2016, have announced CastSDK, a platform which enables OTT providers to cast their content to almost any Connected TV device on the market today, without the need to develop and deploy TV apps. OTT video service providers can finally maximize their investment in premium video content by delivering to every screen whilst avoiding the overhead of custom development and maintenance for every connected consumer device.

CastSDK is a mobile SDK for iOS and Android backed by a cloud platform for service configuration and maintenance. Using its developer-friendly APIs, OTT video service developers will no longer need to worry about supporting multiple casting protocols or developing numerous TV apps to enable their service on new consumer devices.

CastSDK addresses the fragmentation and app store submission challenges that exist today which limits the number of platforms that any given OTT service can address.

CastSDK is initially launching with support for Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Selected Smart TVs and Fire TV. More devices will be added to the service on an on-going basis, without the need to update code on the mobile app.

Commenting on the inspiration behind CastSDK, Digisoft CTO John Casey explains: “Digisoft has spent many years in the industry, observing the creation of numerous multi-screen platforms, frameworks and bespoke implementations, none of which appear to have solved the problem of cost and maintainability. We see the emergence of the mobile-centric casting model as both an opportunity to innovate in user interaction AND enable a radical reduction in cost and timelines. We believe that CastSDK is the answer for OTT providers who want a big screen solution but don’t want the pain that goes with it.”

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