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Ericsson, VMS sign ad services agreement

September 12, 2016

Ericsson has signed a digital marketing agreement with VMS Communications, a Florida-based tech company that facilitates the delivery of digital content to any mobile device. Ericsson will provide an advertising campaign management platform as a service that will enable VMS to efficiently monetise digital content delivery.

The agreement with VMS marks the first time that Ericsson has deployed its cloud-based campaign management platform as a service. Ericsson’s platform enables planning, execution, and tailored reporting for targeted advertising campaigns across multiple digital channels. Using Ericsson’s platform, VMS’ clients will be able to monetise digital content delivery through advertising.

Charles Piombi, CTO of VMS Communications, says: “VMS chose Ericsson to provide and support VMS’ ongoing solutions with monetising digital content delivery, and to support VMS’s innovative solutions with digital content delivery to the majority of cellular phones worldwide.”

Paolo Filetti, Head of IoT Application Innovation Services, says: “Our digital marketing solutions are an integral part of Ericsson’s vision, as we focus on becoming the preferred digital transformation provider of choice for our customers. We do so by enabling innovative applications, business models and revenue streams and by utilising the fundamental traits of the Networked Society. Our agreement with VMS is a clear example of us joining forces to identify new monetisation opportunities based on new business models.”

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